The e4 TESTIVAL Forum is for those interested in informative talks, interviews, panel discussions and question time with experts to find answers to their open questions about e-mobility.

eMove 360°

The Electric, Connected & Autonomous Mobility Conference takes place in Munich on 16 and 17 October. Jürgen Häussler moderates the first session in the morning of the 17th with speakers from SONO MOTORS, BP and NXP with a panel discussion following. Electric Connected Autonomous Conference


This is the programme of 2018’s e4 TESTIAL (in German only).

On Saturday, we start off with the emodrom-Edison-Talk with Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann and further guests about ‘new ways of mobility’.


The world famous Hockenheimring sees the e4TESTIVAL on 27 and 28 October – Europe’s first trade fair showing everything about e-mobility. Most importantly: all electric vehicles can be test driven!

EUROBIKE AWARD 2018 – jury member in the „start-up“ category


Start-ups present their promising innovations, new ideas and pioneering inventions at the EUROBIKE AWARD 2018 in the category on 7 July

Ursula Kloé is a member of the jury.

Research of SRH Hochschule Heidelberg and JU-KNOW

Enterprises have to actively accompany the change that comes with digital transformation. This is one result of the research conducted by SRH Hochschule Heidelberg in cooperation with the consultant agency JU-KNOW. Download the e-paper (Paper in German only)

STEINBEIS Beraterpool – Ursula Kloé is accredited consultant

Sponsoring programme ‚innovation workshop BW‘

All enterprises – especially small and medium sized ones – face new challenges due to digitalization and connectivity. With the INNOVATION WORKSHOP BW experienced Steinbeis consultants support and accompany the creation and transformation of client specific solutions.


Since 15 May Ursula Kloé is a personal member of BIKEBRAINPOOL.

Founded by Ulrike Saade in 1996, BIKEBRAINPOOL is trend scout und think tank for the bicycle industry. We are looking forward to cooperating with these committed and renowned representatives of the industry.

JU-KNOW is now a member of Baden-Württemberg Connected

bwcon is the leading initiative to support the economy of the high tech position of Baden-Württemberg. The registered society, founded 1997, pursues the aim to promote the decisive technologies and markets important to both economy and society.

Smart Mobility Workshop

At 21 April Ursula Kloé will be conducting a workshop about ‘Innercity Smart Mobility’.

Think Tank ‘digital mobility’ – Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg


Starting with the workshop ‘autonomous driving and digital roads’ on 8 March in Ulm, Ursula Kloé is a regular member of the Think Tank ‘digital mobility’ of the Ministry of Trsansport of Badden-Württemberg.

The next workshops are:

  • City Logistcs and ‘last mile’, 26 April, Heidelberg
  • Digital Ethics, 12 June, Freiburg

Open Innovation Kongress 2018

Visiting the Open Innovation Congresses 2018, ‘Haus der Wirtschaft’ in Stuttgart, was a full success. Very interesting, very substantial, lots of networking opportunities.

It was especially a success for JU-KNOW: the ‘Live Poll’ results fully confirmed JU-KNOW’s apporach of focussing on the future users of innovations:
59% of the participants think Customer Centricity – the co-operation with customers – is both promising and important when it comes to Open Innovation processes.

Better User Testing

Our mode of testing is ideal for tuning into your customers’ needs early on. Viable insights can then be generated by taking one or two important aspects into account. For this we combine our theoretical background knowledge and our target group expertise with our methodology skills.


Which users do we include in our user testing, and why?

People make decisions based on their experiences. But what if you’re dealing with products and services of the future for which no first-hand experience exists? With whom does it then make sense to do user testing?


Complicated or complex? Big data analytics or smart human expertise?

Algorithms make sense when tackling problems with variables that are logically interrelated. Where this is not the case, human beings with their expertise and experience achieve the better results. Decisions concerning future innovations call for a combination of big data analysis and smart human expertise.