The basis of our work
Putting information into context and finding the right starting point for each customer to derive knowledge of significant value for upcoming decisions and processes.
As sociologists, economists, researchers and trend scouts, we know how people make decisions and how they act, and why.

We combine our theoretical background and our expertise in defining target audiences with our methodological know-how.

We offer you an analytical view of the main correlations, even those that may not be immediately apparent.

We develop intelligent project concepts by selecting the approach best suited to the respective challenge.

For this we draw on a pool of thinking tools that include elements of systems thinking, various communication theories, the Design Thinking Mindset and its tools, the Blue Ocean Strategy, the Co-Creation Paradigm, the Business Model Canvas, and the Lean Start-up approach.

We work with substantiated findings without getting bogged down in theory.

You’ll find more background information below:

Methodologies – the theoretical background of our work
Systems Thinking

A systematic approach to analysis.
All stakeholders working together;
very target oriented

Blue Ocean Strategy

Focuses on new markets,
clear differentiation and low costs

Design Thinking

Focuses on user requirements;
fast and iterative;
works towards effective implementation and solutions

Value Proposition Design

Product development that focuses on the needs & pains of future users, along with their ‘jobs to be done’

Business Model Canvas

Guidelines for the fast development of business models

Lean Start-up Approach

Focuses on lean processes and the ‘fail early, fail often, fail cheap’ principle’; works with Kanban and Scrum in flat hierarchies

Co-Creation Paradigms

Wide variety of ideas thanks to interdisciplinary teams, and avoidance of ‘in-the-box’ thinking by drawing on all kinds of perspectives