JU-KNOW Business Mentoring

Innovation teams need knowledge with the necessary substance to develop successful ideas. We procure all the important details and support your team with our input, thus allowing you to focus on progressing your project.

Key Noters – inspire your innovation team

_Initiators working within the company on the following topics: innovation development, creativity, trends, digital transformation, babyboomers, Gen Y / Z

_You can also finds us as speakers and moderators at meetings and conferences

Reports – fire up your innovation project

_The User Report describes the lifeworld of your future customers and the ‘jobs to be done’ to make the challenges ahead more coherent. Also available in the form of video clips, photo documentation, and Personas

_Expert highlighting of a specific subject, i.e. experts comment on your topic, either live, in a video clip or simply as text

_Visionary Journeys show trends and developments from related or other sectors, either as a presentation, a reader or video clip

Analyses – provide the necessary background information

_Secondary analyses, analyses of strength & weaknesses / opportunities & threats (SWOT), error feedback analysis
_Primary research: in-depths, ethnographic studies, classic online and offline market research in the JU-KNOW network