The company founders are your contacts at JU-KNOW

picture of Ursula Kloe

Ursula Kloé

Studied sociology and psychology.

Concept & tool design, moderation & coaching, research & consulting in the areas of expertise named below.

Assistant Lecturer at SRH University Heidelberg and at
Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

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picture of Jurgen Haussler

Jürgen Häussler

Studied economics and social science.

International research & consulting
in the fields of mobility focus automotive,
global markets, digital transformation and
luxury goods.

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JU-KNOW is an alliance:
an individualised task force –based on the project requirements– brought together around the two founders Ursula Kloé and Jürgen Häussler. It works in flexible structures with quick coordination and uses a wide network of sociology, psychology, and economics graduates, market researchers and trend scouts, all of whom are experienced project managers.
Together we ensure that innovations, changes and new beginnings work out successfully for our clients.

Our work currently focuses on the following sectors:

Automotive  |  Commercial Vehicles  |  Two-wheelers  |  New Mobility  |  Finance & Insurance  |  Telecommunications

University projects:
_The march of technology in everyday life
_Changing mobility patterns
_Impact of digital transformation

We split our work time as follows …


on consulting, projects, workshops


on developing new tools and on trend research


on looking at the wider picture: attending congresses and trade fairs, and interviewing interesting individuals