Your situation: facing the challenges of innovation and digital transformation


You want to realign your company, your portfolio, and your reach.


You’re looking for new ideas to bring up products and services that will delight the users and therefore be successful on the market.

Take the test:
Which of the following statements apply to you?

You want to develop a new product or service and would welcome support from a creative source.


You use Business Analytics – and yet you can’t help feeling you don’t really know your customers. You’re looking for suitable models to explain and eliminate this complexity.

You already have an idea for a product or service, but need more information (on customers, competitors, trends, etc.) to take it further.

You want to exploit to the full the opportunities of digitalisation and are looking for disruptive business models.


You know you need to innovate to stay successful in the market, so you’re looking for sustainable innovation developments.