“When it comes to innovations in the field of mobility you have to ask yourself: what is the benefit for the user?”

What are you working on?
With the projects of JU-KNOW we are supporting the change to New Mobility. We are using our expertise in different tasks: when developing innovations we focus on the potential users’ perspective, expectations, and requirements. When t comes to market launches of new mobility solutions we support our clients by choosing suitable events or strategic communication. And when our clients want to change the vehicle fleet to e-mobility we help both corporations and staff by conducting workshops, kick-off events and test facilities. The goal is: inspire people to new mobility, i.e. to switch to emission free vehicles, to sharing concepts and to multi modal transport solutions.

When it comes to sustainability: what positive headline would you like to read in the near future?
Green Life Quality-Index 2025 shows a strong connection between life satisfaction and innovative mobility solutions in both towns / cities and in rural areas.

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