From 2021 the Institut Neue Mobilität (INM) is part of the JU-KNOW network and task force.

INM operates as a partner specialised on networking across the New Mobility industry and works on the development of encouraging business models. INM have many years of experience in newly developing markets and sectors. We know the relevant / significant players and work closely with the Bundesverband eMobilität BEM (federal association emobilty). The networking character of INM offers the opportunity to get back to the diverse know-how of all partners within the network to deliver hands-on and custom-made solutions.

“To fully grasp New Mobility and to use it in a sensible way, it takes not only knowledge of expert but also experience and emotions. This is the aspiration of our work. This is what we want to achieve with our work. We not only want to pass on and communicate the important information but want to offer the possibility to experience, learn and understand the opportunities and challenges of New Mobility as well.”
Matthias Groher, MD Institut Neue Mobilität

“The cooperation between Institut Neue Mobilität and JU-KNOW came into life since both companies work passionately for the transition of mobility and the existing expertise on both sides complement themselves ideally. The combined know-how offers decision makers the perfect spectrum of information and proficiency for a successful change to New Mobility.”
Jürgen Häussler, Managing Partner JU-KNOW GmbH